Thursday, 26 March 2015

Skill Stretch

Recently, I had the pleasure of being approached by a customer to do a custom order for a doll she owned.  She had seen some clothing on my Facebook page that she liked and asked if I could adapt it slightly to suit her doll.

This was initially stressful for me, as I have not had a lot of experience with altering patterns, either for design or size.  With much folding and comparing, shifting and switching, I worked out that I could mash a couple of pattern pieces and fold a couple of others to create what she had asked for.

Amongst other things, she had told me that her doll was quite large.  23" in length!
I had never made dolls clothes that big, so again had to jig my patterns (very tentatively I might add).  All I had to go by was a list of all the dolls measurements I had asked for.
It was so tricky for me, as I am used to being able to try things on a doll that is sitting in front of me, or making clothes for a standard 18" sized doll.

Overall, I felt this order was a really good skill stretch for me.  I am so pleased with the result, and so pleased that I accepted the request to make the custom outfit, even though my first feeling was "ah...all too hard...I can't".

I am yet to know if it's a good fit, as the parcel will be crossing the world from Australia to the United States before it gets tried on.  I have everything crossed that all my folding, jigging and measuring of everything pays off with a lovely fit.  I will be sure to let you know!

Thanks for popping by,
Roz xxx


  1. Any dolly would be proud to wear such a special outfit... so gorgeous!! x

    1. Thank you my dear friend and cheer squad!