Monday, 10 August 2015

Cocktail Swing Coat has certainly been a busy few months.  Unfortunately my sewing has taken a back seat as I have started in part time work a couple of days a week.  As these days are the same as Mr 5 is in preschool, my 'alone time' at home is now very scarce.

I have been working on a few bits and pieces in the background and thought it was about time I shared them with you.

I have just finished a cocktail swing coat for Miss 7 using a really great Heidi & Finn pattern. It used a lot of fabric, but I thought the end result was very professional.  The rabbit ears seem to be everyone's favourite bit!!

Made with a wool blend outer and cotton lawn lining, it is great in Winter with a jumper underneath, but will also be very suitable for the coming months of Sping with just a long sleeve t-shirt under it.

Miss 7 seems to love it and said "it's one of my favourite coats".  Hopefully that means she'll wear it more than once ;)

When I first put some progress photos on my Facebook page (link at the top of this blog if you're interested), I had a lot of positive feedback and interest in custom orders.  Initially, I didn't have any intention of selling them, as I just wanted to make them for my kids.
After some consideration, I decided to price them and put them out there for sale.

I had one customer order a size 1 for his little boy, so last week, I packaged up a very cute coat and sent it off to New Zealand.  I very quickly received a message to say it had arrived safely and they were very happy with their purchase - phew!!

 There are a couple of other projects in the pipeline at the moment, and I really hope that I get to finish them soon.  I'm itching to make some more kids clothes and get a jump start on the summer season approaching.

For now, I must away.  Till next time.....

Roz xxx

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Autumn Outfit

There are a number of patterns that I have been waiting a while to be able to make.  Some more simple than others, but the desire is there all the same.

Over the Easter weekend, I began making an outfit that has been in my imagination for a while.  I knew I wanted to create a coat and pants set from particular fabrics I already had in my stash.  I've had some burnt orange cotton blend that I figured would be the perfect weight for an in-between season coat, and some white cotton duck that would be great for pants.  It was just a matter of deciding on a top.  The coat doesn't allow for the top to be seen, so I was happy to opt for a simple cotton knit tee that would be comfortable for the warmth of the Autumn days.

I have always been terrified of buttonholes as I am all to aware that they are the final step between a garment being complete and a garment being ruined.  I was very brave, I feel, as I not only did one, but four buttonholes on the one garment!  They all worked, they all lined up and they are all the right size! Phew!

The Empire Peacoat, Bootleg pants and cap sleeve t-shirt are all made to patterns found at

Thanks for popping by to see what I have been creating.

Roz xxx

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Skill Stretch

Recently, I had the pleasure of being approached by a customer to do a custom order for a doll she owned.  She had seen some clothing on my Facebook page that she liked and asked if I could adapt it slightly to suit her doll.

This was initially stressful for me, as I have not had a lot of experience with altering patterns, either for design or size.  With much folding and comparing, shifting and switching, I worked out that I could mash a couple of pattern pieces and fold a couple of others to create what she had asked for.

Amongst other things, she had told me that her doll was quite large.  23" in length!
I had never made dolls clothes that big, so again had to jig my patterns (very tentatively I might add).  All I had to go by was a list of all the dolls measurements I had asked for.
It was so tricky for me, as I am used to being able to try things on a doll that is sitting in front of me, or making clothes for a standard 18" sized doll.

Overall, I felt this order was a really good skill stretch for me.  I am so pleased with the result, and so pleased that I accepted the request to make the custom outfit, even though my first feeling was "ah...all too hard...I can't".

I am yet to know if it's a good fit, as the parcel will be crossing the world from Australia to the United States before it gets tried on.  I have everything crossed that all my folding, jigging and measuring of everything pays off with a lovely fit.  I will be sure to let you know!

Thanks for popping by,
Roz xxx

Friday, 13 March 2015

My Twirly Little Miss

I have been putting my hand to sewing a few different things recently.  One of those being a lovely twirly skirt for my Miss 6.

Just like every little girl, she loves a skirt she can twirl and whirl in.  The skirts she has are getting smaller ;) so I decided to make her a skirt that will be just perfect for Autumn & Winter here in Australia.

This skirt will go beautifully with boots, tights or leggings and then as she grows she will be able to continue wearing it through Spring and Summer with sandals.


The fabric is from a series called 'Wildflowers' by Cloud 9.  It's lovely cotton with a bit of stretch and the perfect weight for all seasons.  It was beautiful to sew with and added to the great end result.  The pattern I used was one I found at Monkeybugs.  I chose it because it will be so versatile and lends itself to all sorts of alterations....the limits are only that of my creativity!

She is totally thrilled with it and wore it very proudly to the school disco the day after I made it!

Thanks for popping by,

Thursday, 12 February 2015

It's time for a Giveaway

I have had many new visitors and supporters come and see me on my Facebook page lately and I really want to say thanks for all the support of my little dolly adventure.

As a thank you, I am having a giveaway!  Everyone loves a special gift, so here's one from me, to a lucky one of you, for that special doll in your life.

I am giving away a 100% wool fabric, modern cloche hat.  I have felted the fabric myself before beginning the construction of the hat.  It is trimmed with cream brocade and finished with a gold metal button.

It is designed to fit a approximately 12" head, like that of an American Girl Doll, but would suit any doll with similar measurements and proportions.

If you would like to be part of the giveaway, head over to my Facebook page (link at the top) and all the information is there.

Again, thank you for all your support, and Good Luck xxx

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Back to What I Love!

Well, it's been a busy couple of months.

While the kids were on school holidays over Christmas, I didn't seem to achieve much as far as my3loves was concerned. We were way to busy having holiday fun!!

But, now school has gone back and I have a little of my own time now to sit at the sewing machine and create.

My two latest creations were a custom order for two grandchildren who are out in Australia visiting from Canada with their family.  Their grandmother wanted to give them a little gift to take home with them. So, two little 11" sisters came to life ~ Wendy and Beatrice.

Wendy is much more shy and not so sure of the big wide world out there.  Beatrice on the other hand, she is bold and courageous and ready to take the world on, head on!  Wendy knows the Beatrice will take care of her and that by her side she has nothing to fear.

I hope that these two look after each other (& their new mummas) on their journey home.  I have no doubt there will be some wonderful adventures shared!

Thanks for popping by,

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Something a little different...

It's my niece's first birthday tomorrow.  She is the second of two girls. I always find it so hard to come up with useful ideas for subsequent siblings of the same sex.  So much gets 'passed down' from the older ones that it's hard to know what you can give that isn't going to double up on what they already have.
Anyway, for her birthday I decided that something cute that I had made would rule out any concern for doubling up, as you can never have to much cute, right? So, I made her a Ruffle Bum Nappy Cover.  I thought this would also be great just to wear with a singlet or light dress  - perfect for the Australian summer.

Thanks for popping by,
Roz xxx