Monday, 10 August 2015

Cocktail Swing Coat has certainly been a busy few months.  Unfortunately my sewing has taken a back seat as I have started in part time work a couple of days a week.  As these days are the same as Mr 5 is in preschool, my 'alone time' at home is now very scarce.

I have been working on a few bits and pieces in the background and thought it was about time I shared them with you.

I have just finished a cocktail swing coat for Miss 7 using a really great Heidi & Finn pattern. It used a lot of fabric, but I thought the end result was very professional.  The rabbit ears seem to be everyone's favourite bit!!

Made with a wool blend outer and cotton lawn lining, it is great in Winter with a jumper underneath, but will also be very suitable for the coming months of Sping with just a long sleeve t-shirt under it.

Miss 7 seems to love it and said "it's one of my favourite coats".  Hopefully that means she'll wear it more than once ;)

When I first put some progress photos on my Facebook page (link at the top of this blog if you're interested), I had a lot of positive feedback and interest in custom orders.  Initially, I didn't have any intention of selling them, as I just wanted to make them for my kids.
After some consideration, I decided to price them and put them out there for sale.

I had one customer order a size 1 for his little boy, so last week, I packaged up a very cute coat and sent it off to New Zealand.  I very quickly received a message to say it had arrived safely and they were very happy with their purchase - phew!!

 There are a couple of other projects in the pipeline at the moment, and I really hope that I get to finish them soon.  I'm itching to make some more kids clothes and get a jump start on the summer season approaching.

For now, I must away.  Till next time.....

Roz xxx

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